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Man blowing party hornClick on the Splits to hear a mix chock-full o’ funk, boogie, other danceable delights, and more funk. Click on Los Campesinos to hear some of AUX Boston’s Favorite Songs from 2013  featuring Camera Obscura, Hot Chip, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Daft Punk & Lots More! It’s our  “Twenty In Thirteen – Part One!”Click on Albert Hammond Jr. to hear some of AUX Boston’s Favorite Songs from 2013 featuring Man Man, Andrew Bird, Neko Case & Lots More!

Click on the "Digestible Mix" & check out most of the jams heard during the event. Definitely check out lovinspoonfulsinc.org and how they help folks in MA get fed right!Click on the ol’ cassette tape for a mix created for those who’d rather here love songs that you probably would never hear on Top 40 radio.Click on this other cassette tape for a collection of indie-related artists who have created some amazing love songs for you and yours whenever you’d like.Click here for a hand-picked mix for two dear friends who asked AUX Boston to DJ their wedding in the fall of 2014. They had a set vision of playing slow Motown, soul, and a neo-soul acts. Sufficed to say,  it wasn’t easy narrowing it down to just one hour or so.

hipster-speakeasy-1Click here to the dinner portion/companion to the cocktail hour mix of Hipster Speakeasy 1. This particular collection features a good amount of jazz as well. This is another look at Boston's amazing music history from the 90's to today, specifically those labeled as indie-rock or alternative. Featuring The Lemonheads, Karate, Freezepop and more!It's only fitting that we put our favorite Boston bands from the past 3 decades (or more) together for your listening pleasure & discovery.

90 minutes of songs that felt good to put next to each other.  Indie Electro, New Wave, Hip-Hop, Crunk. Mixed live on 2/8/14.Click here for 90 minutes of hip-hop, r&b, and dance jams from the 90's.   This was originally created for a holiday party we were asked to DJ. Mixed live on 2/20/14.This is a mix of mash-ups after discovering we have A LOT of mash-ups in our music library. This is a little "dancier" than the other we created.happy feet 4


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