10154125_10154161131800506_2110392489644042231_nWedding F.A.Q’s

Q: If there are certain songs we definitely want to have played and songs we definitely don’t want popping up – do you honor these requests during the event?

A: Of course. It’s a standard practice and it goes without saying that your specific requests always come first! We’re here to bounce off ideas, consult, and determine what music will be something you and your guests will enjoy hearing.

Q: How much music do you own? 

A: In a quasi-tech speak – Over 500 Gigabytes. Months worth of songs are at your disposal, and if there’s a song or album you find we don’t currently have – We’ll grab it.

Q: Are there styles of music you gravitate towards more than others?

A: For most weddings & private parties, AUX Boston will select songs that stand the test of time in any genre; Tunes that a mixed crowd can instantly recognize, dance to, and may even sing aloud – Even if they aren’t 100% on the lyrics. New Wave, Disco, Modern Rock, 80’s/90’s/00’s Dance, British Invasion, Glam Rock, Motown, Alternative…You can be sure that If it was a hit or #1 single from the past 70 years, AUX Boston has it ready for you!  In terms of genres we shy away from, well, rave music isn’t something you’ll hear us pushing on the crowd…ever.

Q: May we have you make announcements and introductions during the wedding as needed?

A: Of course. In a way you’ve chosen us to be your personal squire and town crier for your big day, but we won’t pick up the mic unless it makes sense to do so. What’s important to know is that every wedding is different, and we’ll honor your vision.  If you have chosen a wedding planner, we shall coordinate a timeline to see when it’s appropriate for making announcements.

Q: Can AUX Boston recommend any photographers for our wedding?  

A: Definitely!  We’ve worked with several AMAZING photographers who are an absolute joy to work with and we work well with each other. It’s a pretty cool community and when you find folks you click with – well you just want to share and spread the love so other people benefit from their talent. Just ask and we’ll pass on our list of faves!

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